• Bogdan Panchenko and Ivan Kukarskih – Founders (shot by Glen Ballis)

    Having traveled around Europe and gained experience, Bogdan and Ivan consciously moved towards the restaurant industry. Ivan opened the first BB Burgers project in 2013. Bogdan, helping his partner and close friend, was simultaneously engaged in supplying vegetables and fruits from Russian cities to large companies in the capital.

    In the fall of 2017, together with brand chef Glen Ballis, was opened a joint project Margarita Bistro on the corner of Malaya Bronnaya street.

    There are now 15 restaurants in the Lucky Group, which are united by values, attention to detail and most importantly – hospitality. In addition to restaurants, Lucky Group develops the areas of events, catering, training services and merch.

  • Khristofor Avakyan – Manager

    From a young age, Hristofor dreamed of being a restaurant manager, so he enrolled in Moscow State University of Technology and Management in the direction of "manager of food enterprises". In 2008, he started his career as a bartender but then went on to become a manager. At the age of 23, he became the manager of the Mexican restaurant, Casa Agave and opened two bars, while working at the same company.

    In 2019, he joined Lucky Group as a senior manager in Koji. After several years, he came to Yerevan to open his two first international projects with Lucky – Koyo and La Piazza.

    "Hedonists working together can create magic and make guests fall in love with their restaurant!"

  • Evgeniy Lisin – Bar Manager

    He started his career in 2015 at La Bottega restaurant as a bartender. Later he continued to work in Strelka and Insider bars in Moscow. In 2019, he became a member of the Lucky Group team as a bartender at Lucky Izakaya bar. And in 2022, he was involved in the opening of the Japanese Jun restaurant as a bar manager. Since January 2023, he has been managing the bar department of the restaurant group in Astana. Since July 2023, he has been the bar manager of La Piazza and Koyo restaurants in Yerevan.
  • Mgo Kazanjyan – Brand Chef

    Working in Jordan, Dubai, and Qatar, he studied with world renowned chefs such as Gege Fiore, Elie Khalife, and Joel Robuchon. In 2014 he was recognized as the best young chef in Central Asia.

    He was a part of the openings of restaurants in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Kuwait, and in 2020, he headed the kitchen at the La Piazza restaurant on the main street of Yerevan.

    In order to open projects in Yerevan, Mgo adopted the experience of mentors in Moscow - Lucky Group chefs Vasily Zaitsev (Lucky Izakaya, Koji) and Alexander Shtep (Londri), who also participated in the launch and supported our head Chef.

  • Anton Panteleev - Chief-Sommelier

    He started his career in the industry of hospitality in 2008 as a bartender in Krasnodar, where he started to get interested in wine by visiting all local wineries.

    After moving to Moscow, he worked in Four Seasons, Metropol and White Rabbit restaurants, as a banquet manager and service-manager

    In 2023, he became the chef-sommelier of the Koyo and La Piazza restaurants in Yerevan.

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